Poetry | War poems

brick poems
solid poems
prick poems
concrete poems
keep out poems
rest in peace
cat of edward street
mossy paperbark poems
bluegum carpark poems
sold gold fish with pond plants poems
squished poems and tied-up poems
ropes and boats poems
killer poems whales poems shark attack faulty fishing nets poems
lick poems and dick poems
pussy crisis and mardi gras poems
cricket stadium poems
penciled poems
moving boxes poems
cleaning paint off walls poems
lichen poems and grassy plains poems
keys to the letterbox poems
jelly poems and jolly poems
poems to the gods and poems to the dying
old wasted love poems
new sordid bad poems
like poems and unlike poems
massive weapons of destruction poems
exploding across the page of poems after poems
someone in Russia is writing poems
Pushkin poems and Joseph Brodsky poems
Sergei Yesenin poems and Vladimir Vysotsky poems
Yevtushenko’s power station
still churning
out poems
poems without homes
poems without borders
poems without nations or flags
adulterated and dull beyond hope
like poems
that are no longer poems
berries ripe
only for crushing
April poems succeed wet summer poems
birth poems after Nazi poems
god takes place inside a poem
bodies sawn apart in a poem
poem shooting another poem down
every poem like a bloodstained sunflower
poem after poem dies
poem after poem survives
poetry crawls and glides like the refugees
poem after poem discarded without trial
medal poems and liberty poems
assassin poems and ambassador poems
president poems foreign minister poems
poems rising to the moon
crashing into buildings
setting fire to tanks
poems like windows that cannot be shut
poems like mouthpieces attached to asses
poems braying:
not another poem!
languished poems tired poems
fatal poems cantankerous poems
poems rushing on like incessant rain
poems flooding cities creeks and rivers
poems that are too much for us
never cease
night poems day poems
guitar string on a balcony poems
so many cloud and trousers poems
like bombshells in the sky poems
cliché poems and sitcom poems
silence poems zero-sum
porno velvet and dust poems
baking ashes into blood


Janet Jiahui Wu

Janet Jiahui Wu writes and makes art. She has published in various publications of literature such as Plumwood Mountain, Cordite, Rabbit, SFPJ. She lives in Sydney, is part of the LGBTQI+ community and she acknowledges and pays respect to the Gadigal people.

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