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Fashion ephemera until it becomes fashionable.
Fascism came back this way, fauvism might.
Walk away from the chan
comfortable in your felicity, hide behind
the fact that the meme was dank.
He forgets to be cautious when the journalist rings
and by the time he’s run his mouth
half an hour has slipped. Nobody believes
the cover up but no-one else wants the job
and who is reading the Warrego Watchmen anyway?
Have you ever given advice? Didn’t you wonder
on what authority you wandered through the world?
One Monday’s expert with a Paddy Power account
offers printer side revisionism.
Giddy up champ draft the balrog Gothmog
Family Ties is on Netflix now. Sit Ubu sit. Good dog.



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Liam Ferney

Liam Ferney’s most recent collection, is Hot Take His previous collection, Content, was shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Award and the Judith Wright Calanthe Award. His other books include Boom (Grande Parade Poets), Career (Vagabond Press) and Popular Mechanics (Interactive Press). He is a media manager, holder of the all-time games record for the New Farm Traktor Collective and convener of the Saturdays readings in Brisbane.

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