ice skater

She loved to look like lovers and to be dressed all
in white. The hems of her trousers tolling out like great
balloons and with the waist pulled tiny tight, she
sprang up high into the sky like that. She stretched up
her little arms and continued across the ice with the
force of a smooth wind. Bending in half she saw her
reflection, salt-crust and snow for lashes. She noticed
big trees and tusks in the pond. She scooted across
one more time letting bracelets and rings, pearls and
diamantes, cuff brooch pendant and pin fall and
clankle on the ice. It was a pleasure to watch her
sprite back and forth bending and turning dipping and
sipping rising and surmising— chasing everything that
had fallen.

Monique Lyle

Monique Lyle is a writer and improviser. She is currently completing a PhD with the Writing and Research Centre at Western Sydney University. Recently her work has appeared in Overland, Cordite, Flash Cove, Otoliths and Mascara Literary Review.

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