(next to nothing)

the money printers
showed up

hadn’t seen anyone
for months
maybe everyone
was broke by now

couldn’t know

what kind
of system
is this

our desires
by empty shelves

these are the people
who used to laugh
at Moscow GUM

by repetition

a languid scroll
donate now
to help beirut

maybe now
you can
to care

hides so much
if you want
to get away with it

the interstices
the nearest thing
to nothing

what to produce
from a language
always insinuating

(not a snicker
nor a smile)

spitting chips
into what
for what?

wait a minute

what about
a collective

two faced
on a debit card


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Pam Brown

Pam Brown has published many chapbooks, pamphlets and full collections of poetry, most recently Stasis Shuffle (Hunter Publishers, 2021). She lives in a south Sydney suburb on reclaimed swampland on Gadigal Country.

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