are heavy to lug. think
also of the weight of wool

you crushed lichen &
made a potion. There
is bromine & it is a
weakening agent

the animals require care
or Petter Dass &
a sharp wit: a lamb’s head

my large blue chest looms
it blocks out the sun we
scatter oral discs but
there is a species at extinction

bivalves cease to breed
in the northern oceans

‘Swimming Inwards in Northern Norway’s Ocean’

Skyline, climate, badly
Automated notions of colour

Stylised & unrefined

Relinquish a category,
Supplement a movement
Or its transformation

A discovery as death

Vegetable dye
Spin linen
Your bail in granular
Beard lichen
Spruce tree lichen

Boil it briefly

A pot of water at 80 degrees

A madder root

(for Hannah Ryggen)



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Elena Gomez

Elena Gomez is a poet and book editor living in Melbourne. She is the author of Body of Work (Cordite) and a number of chapbooks.

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