two monitors

two monitors
the cop & neighbour in your head
duplicity in systems
the sprinkler is wetting everything

you’re a texan now
ownership, sitting on the horse
rock hudson stroking the fringe
the pink & blue blankets
the rabbits hanging from the belt buckle

sorry we missed you august
orange stickiness on the kitchen table
soup splatter on the floors & black
mould in the grout, its
beige breakfast beige weetbix beige tea

corn jack catherine keener
grey sky & splattered seagull
on the road
zombie customers

a lost year is good to have



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Zoe Kingsley

Zoe Kingsley is a writer based in Narrm/Melbourne. Her poetry and essays can be read in publications such as Cordite Poetry Review, Rabbit, The Happy Hypocrite and Textual Practice. She is deputy editor (poetry) at The Suburban Review.

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