No language for white man

                                                        The young
sit eir fresia in bottom yard where it bloom
best. Feline in mangifera where e move best.
So much living in pastime, riverbank
where kindred set it down best. That no language
for white man.

Sitting coat up on stick for scare way bird-pulse
not for white man. Holy city rice terrace
stretch green into no white land. Hanglow breadfruit
beckon for tell e truth to my problem. All country say
solution to my problem.

Living in it rhythm, burn fruit of coconut tree for
brown hand. But that no language for white man.

Sand stretch sensory above eyefrontier. Tinikling
tap history on coconut floorboard. Visayas
break bread with xeir departures. All that, Country,
sing no language of white man.

Country, tell with durian tree what your problem.
Country point with thick lip to beachbank for my
problem. Kid sing loud leron sinta for my problem.
All country, say your solution for my problem.

Tita with pearl earring fasten to rubberskin for my
problem. Lolo listen softly to bandila for my problem.
Lola make pansit with calamansi, all lemon and
kikkoman for my problem. No whiteword salt
enough for my problem.

                                                     No white language
pumice enough for my problem. No white language
poorandbrown enough for my problem. No white
language brown for country enough. No country
blacknbrown without white enough. No country
have language for white man enough. No country
for white man              ever enough.


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Lou Garcia-Dolnik

Lou Garcia-Dolnik is a mixed-race Filipinx writer and editor working on unceded Gadigal land. A poetry editor for Voiceworks and alumnus of the Banff Centre’s Emerging Writers Intensive, they have been awarded third place in PRISM International’s Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize and second place in Overland’s Judith Wright Poetry Prize. They have work published in or forthcoming with Overland, PRISM International, Rabbit Poetry Journal, Scum Mag and Voiceworks, among others.

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

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