In this letter, i can finally grammar yourself into a poem

dear Quang,


don’t forget you

are already here,

sky-clean in light. doesn’t matter

when this city less flame,


i tell you

that we stay yes,

we do.


so by writing you this

i’m chiseling these syllables

     to our heart’s music.

remember that sometimes,

our punctuations

fall apart for a reason.

i think ‘chaos’

in our mother-tongue

has another body, turning

to ‘chào’ or vietnamese for hello.

& hello

a cliché that harvests

the spring in your mouth

you are here

to give life, Quang                                      so get up.


been a while but                     i hope you earn

a nice day (?) sorry

so much for your patience (?)

& everything

kind regards,,,:; – (maybe a hyphen could

help this

     continue / go on /

outstretch / please / p

l                                 e

a         s       pl           e         a

s        e               p            lea

se / live / live / live x 10^100^10000)


i miss you

into a famine. i

   really do?




Duy Quang Mai

Duy Quang Mai is an international student in Sydney, originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. His poems have been published or are forthcoming in The Lifted Brow, Cordite Poetry Review and Rabbit.

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