Curtal Sonnet

ENTRIP does not contain any safe benefits.

It is not approved for use in hives of aggro child

-ren. Yellow tongue, nose-bruising, swelling of the eyes

are highly likely; the usual seizures, fevers, fits.

A tall glass of Parkinson’s, a psychiatrist’s overactive mouth are mild

-er. Forget blue, yellow, brown—one size


fits all. Feeling violent, heartless? Grip

pharmacists’ hallucinations, swallow doctors’ chests. Wild

’s the divided dose times three. How else can we characterise

unhealing. EN(JOY THIS )TRIP, EN(JOY THIS )TRIP (& it is a trip)

—reflux the highs.



note: ‘Curtal Sonnet’ remixes some of the text from ENTRIP’s CMI & samples S’Express’ ‘Theme from S’Express’





Stuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes is the author of Glasshouses (UQP 2016), which won the Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize, was commended for the Anne Elder Award and shortlisted for the Mary Gilmore Award. Twitter/Instagram: @StuartABarnes

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