Guest artist for Overland 235: Tia Kass

Artist’s statement

The cover art pays homage to those organising and fighting against the growing threat of far right political movements here in Australia and across the world. Featured is a detailed portrait of a friend and fellow antifascist organiser, accompanied by two characters symbolising solidarity.

Above them, though not too high above, is a timid, racist, white Australian who wanted to ‘express his right to free speech and challenge political correctness gone mad!’. But you and I ain’t having none of that.

On the back reads the famous slogan ‘No Pasaran!’ – ‘They shall not pass!’ – used in many a battle against fascist forces, most famously during the Spanish Civil War and the Battle of Cable Street.

– Tia Kass




Artwork for short story ‘The island’


Artwork for short story ‘Hook. Line. Sinker.’


Artwork for short story ‘The Economist’


Artwork for short story ‘The Garden Bridge’


Artwork for short story ‘Of water’


Back cover




Tia Kass

Tia Kass is a Walkley-shortlisted illustrator and street artist. His work has been published in SBS, Right Now, and Overland.

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