I knew her but could not be a boy

i’m throwing it off in a big way &
no-one notices. i’ve seen it cause a
fuss & now that’s the only way to do
it. she thinks i’m lying because i’m
wearing jeans but she’s never seen me
on the weekend.

(in my dreams i’m a jockey
& no-one recognises me under
all that silk)

all my friends see a salmon & say ‘same’.
we drive down to lake’s entrance & take
our clothes off, it’s very stressful. if i had
to buy a swimsuit i think i would die.
i’m thinking about the drugs, it seems as though
that’s what you have to do. she’s raising money
to go all the way & my stomach gnaws at me it’s
a feeling like jealousy but less useful.


i tell a big secret to everyone i meet & usually
they forget right away. this makes poetry difficult
among other things. a boy i like has a girlfriend &
this is difficult too.

(today i gave my two weeks
& tomorrow i will buy a horse)

there are doors everywhere the only problem
is that most of them are locked. when it’s warm
again i will spend a little money but for now the
rain settles in over the bowls club & i watch the


Image: Damien Roué / flickr


Harry Reid

Harry Reid is a poet based in Melbourne. They are a co-director of Sick Leave, and the author of the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend (Puncher & Wattmann, 2021).

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