think about large fonts and small fonts next to them
think about what this means and the space in between
think about two clouds in bed
	two new friends
	two people with their hands out looking with fingertips
think about this, think about the distance
that has to be created between people to let others in
think about how eggs look fried on toast
	an avo in bed

you told me you cried for the first time since you were a kid
that she cheated on you in Colombia and
he told me he can’t trust me, hasn’t spoken to me in weeks

you always cock your head to the side when you consider a point
and now you laugh that I’m in your bed

that we’re ‘negotiating boundaries’ after one small, soft kiss
you make up new words for sensations, mates,
above us a poster:         Stratus

repeat this image of a tally ho being pulled from its packet in my head
I get tangential telling you a story
you ask: what was the point of that?
there’s an ice porpoise melting in a bowl in the living room downstairs



Image: Jelirhil / flickr





Holly Friedlander Liddicoat

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat has previously been published in Cordite, Otoliths, Rabbit, Seizure, Southerly and Voiceworks. In 2017 she edited poetry for Voiceworks and the UTS Writers’ Anthology and has twice been shortlisted for the UTS Writers’ Anthology Prize. Her first collection, Crave, is out with Rabbit in 2018.

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