Mouth form flower

Let fault flaw
Let the fence fall
Let’s flabbergast the goal with tongues

Let debacle warp in dawn
Let beginning bury end
Let a hundred pods hush

Let the mouth form flower
Let flesh flash
Let’s lick plethora

Let erosion jabber in the gown
Let’s find fit and make do
Let’s sieve without crashing

Let debris fill rust
Let myriad dapple and draw
Let’s spurn our quote marks

Let’s trick death perception
Let limit out
Let not mere quintessentials

Let wreckless wreck more
Let cloth drop
Let’s lay waste the hours

Let’s not say

Let a thousand errors bloom




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Jill Jones

Jill Jones was born in Sydney and has lived in Adelaide since 2008. Recent books include Wild Curious Air, A History Of What I’ll Become, Viva the Real, which was shortlisted for the 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for Poetry and the 2020 John Bray Award, and Brink. In 2015 she won the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Poetry for The Beautiful Anxiety. Her work has been translated into Chinese, French, Italian, Czech, Macedonian and Spanish.

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