Some climb

offering me honours

sorbet for heart-wrenching situations

coffee sweetener wallpaper

those months wondering the climate of your bed

there were days when i was scarlet

but quickly turned mandarine

against mountains, tapestries, escape routes

climbing the town of hobart

fireworks suddenly have the ability to explode in the unseeable bow of the ocean

fireworks suddenly have the ability to explode in the quietest part of me

i’m not a little boy (but i am small)

i long to do all the things the others get to do

like publicities that ship me above

and for another body to reel me in

charmlets indent sleep skin

trying on, conflicting to, explaining toward it

missing it, that one time where / when i remembered

feeling magical




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Jonno Revanche

Jonno Revanche is a writer/poet and multidisciplinary artist interested in isolation, marginal and forgotten subcultures and the queer art of longing.

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