Everything that happens in the film clip for Men At Work’s ‘Down Under’

A mid-twenties yarn, classic as A Country Practice

kicks off with a caveman’s sodapop bottle steel kettle drum.


Kombi cracks in the Cronulla dunes.

TANERLORN RULES. The Age of Aquarius

ends but we’re in the Eternal City now.

Four fellas in the back. FAAAAARK!

The medium serves muesli by an oasis

& the Sipowicz spiv in sunnies

says its SOLD SOLD to the guy

with the toy koala playing flute in the tree.


Deepcover as a tall Belgische in sailor stripes

gives the shibboleth then handballs

a Vegemite baguette sloshes seven Foster’s

tinnies in four pots heaping with head.


Bombay shanti shanti bombed on hashish

not bliss. We’re not buying your old shoe

but we will buy a bright prophecy

through a freshly torn backdoor

to our Cronulla. A spaghetti Western funeral

& the bit I don’t understand

is the stuffed koala chained to an ankle

trawling across the sand like a fisherman’s slack line.





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Liam Ferney

Liam Ferney’s most recent collection, is Hot Take His previous collection, Content, was shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Award and the Judith Wright Calanthe Award. His other books include Boom (Grande Parade Poets), Career (Vagabond Press) and Popular Mechanics (Interactive Press). He is a media manager, holder of the all-time games record for the New Farm Traktor Collective and convener of the Saturdays readings in Brisbane.

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