A worm in your ear

If advertising pays

communication targets its

prods and vices. Likewise,

a well-designed clientele

can often entice potential

contracts to web-sighted

varicose advising options.

To choose from globular

recent yearnings, why not

retch at lower cost? Many

leach their purchase decisions

times two, then open up your

email. See? An advertisement

for wankers or a trammel

destination. To buy you

there are a number of ways

you can pay to approve your

research engine. Others

devise their business needs

to promulgate societal media,

or perhaps try bogs or trackie

down websites that visit

your manly targets.




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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is a Sydney-based poet whose publications include People of Earth and After Naptime, both from Vagabond Press.

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

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