If you think

In industrialised societies (I say this

to his daily activities (setting off alarm bells

(wherever mere comes in (he ascribes to his amateurism

the right to be a damned fool preconstructing the patriarchy

(a little man’s face shows doubt and perspiration

becomes more and more the exclusive

province (in whose eyes one might ask (incidentally

this brings me back to the point whereupon we gaze

with scant knowledge of the matriarch’s views

at the very words pastime and amateur

(which in their darker moments are

recognisable to no one (like the Elizabethans

and Jacobeans they refute Prince Charles as a menace

(e.g. white water rafting, stamp collecting, surfing

the internet freely without them (it was all but trifling

nonsense anyone could see it was Theory (totally

professional (well I know you need the money

if you think you can (keep it up




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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is a Sydney-based poet whose publications include People of Earth and After Naptime, both from Vagabond Press.

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