Syndromes and a century*

Don’t star/t anything. Keep your _and

on a pencil the film will follow. Lift

your arms. French for the snack of water

from your reach into your bubbling brain.

Here is a limb-tangent. Get on the level.

Open your eyes – feeling. Corridor


the open shoe lace. Clip chips that peal

from your tennis indoors – those little squeaks.

Upright pain. Panda/Pandora – no matter.

We eat inside Jeff Koons’ bubble gum


rare eclipse. It’s a sensitivity

caused self protection. Don’t doubt it.

Don’t begin. Film ¾ of the custard colonised

door, no less. Cutlery tides, waterfall tricks. A

lover buys her lover clothes. They never fit.



Image: Corridor / Jenya Kushnir


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Luke Beesley

Luke Beesley is a Melbourne-based poet. His fourth poetry collection, Jam Sticky Vision, was published by Giramondo in 2015.

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