Cyan 0%, Magenta 69%, Yellow 100%, Key 6%

US Coast Guard U-turned to Pier Thirty-nine

August DeMont co-produced daughter number one

Carol DeMont was her name


Jack Ricketts and Al Maloux were painting a bridge

August co-produced a second daughter named Marilyn DeMont

Jack and Al watched Marilyn exit a car


Marilyn did not speak

August requested that Marilyn jump

August was thirty-seven and spoke


Marilyn scaled metre-high rail on Bay side

Jack and Al were painting a bridge

Jack and Al watched Marilyn jump


Marilyn jumped

Irving Morrow selected colour

Marilyn and August did not speak as they jumped


August left a note on car seat

Marilyn was little and did not read

Jack and Al watched August jump


August wrote a note

Jack and Al painted colour on steel

Marilyn and August did not jump


Carolyn Downes became fat with Carolyn DeMont

Steel got born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

August and Marilyn dived in practiced form

Car was 1942 Plymouth sedan

Auto belongs to Mrs AC DeMont

4356 Twenty-sixth street, San Francisco


I and my daughter have—


August jumped on 23 July, 1945

Golden Gate Bridge International Orange

Carolyn recounted, I knew it, I knew it

August did

Irving felt colour was highly pleasing

Carol was Measles in bed on 23 July, 1945


Marilyn and August swept into Pacific and got eaten

Measles are Golden Gate Bridge International Orange

Jack and Al were painting on 23 July, 1945


Date in Potsdam Harry Truman spoke of Fat Man and Little Boy

August co-produced daughter number two

Jack and Al watched a car


Marilyn did not speak

Jack and Al were

Carolyn forged little at Pier Thirty-nine


Facts rely on International Date Line

Regret sums two-hundred-twenty feet between South Tower and Bay

August did earthquake-proof lifts in towers for living



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Kent MacCarter

Kent MacCarter is a writer and editor who lives in Castlemaine, with his wife and son. He is the author of three poetry collections: In the Hungry Middle of Here (Transit Lounge, 2009), Sputnik’s Cousin (Transit Lounge, 2014) and California Sweet (Five Islands Press, 2018). He is managing editor of Cordite Poetry Review and publisher of Cordite Books.

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