Solve a problem and it grows two heads

when I get what i want i worry
go off bleeding into the Dusk
lean my hungry Head against a taco
Truck, nibble till i’m fit to bust
on service Friendliness. independence
is stark and hard-won, like a Sky
blue Tiger that scares off mice but
won’t touch Flies: and tigers are so
unmusical, I think but don’t say
turning Conversation into a stalemate
which reminds Me i meant to get a crow
to share the Load of bread my mother
sent. my Dentist says i’ve naturally gold
Teeth so i hide my smile when i’m
down the Street in case of muggers
You love me so much i daren’t risk
the Love i might get from others
when I was in rome i was jealous
of Everyone in paris: it created an
emotional Short-circuit, that followed
Me around the world. it was like
when I was an uphill champion and
I felt so well i would take a pill
and some Medicine to wash it down
suddenly There were two hills and
double the Competition and two
Bottles of water making me twice
as thirsty so I went twice as fast
to get away from It all and found
Myself in the desert sitting on cacti
and talking to Camels like they were
Poets and dreamers not thieves and
Sorcerers or dope test informers
suddenly a Bullet came out of
the West and i saved my humpy
Mate’s life with an improvised
Vest: it fell off their chest into
a Tin can i produced for the purpose
now This was music but i’d never
find a Producer in this apparently
deservedly maligned Part of earth

Michael Farrell

Originally from Bombala, NSW, Michael Farrell is a Melbourne-based poet, with a collage practice which can be seen on instagram @limechax. Googlecholia is out now from Giramondo.

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