The tenets or tenants of Sweeney

for MH

And so … to rouse a whip, coral or corral or currach
like coracle branded hide singed hair no modifier
no not really to live by said decisive akubra mirage

weaving tufts caught by spinifex bluebush bash-
grab influence as testament of flaying, clothes-hanger
slaughter-hook made allowances for under the Act.

Tenancy is much more than tendency, to round
up a leisurely quote, a jerk of conscience wavering
towards some other matter, a duty, a flippancy, a soak.

And so … farmer, occupant, dishes out the what’s what,
signature chastisement as boy mimics father remade
in bush fire-brigade imagery. Burnings. Roo-shoot spotlight.

Cyclops. Down in the valley they rove. Such holdings.
Little give-aways. Persona of compass, here’s a navigator.

John Kinsella

John Kinsella’s collected poems have been published by UWAP as The Ascension of Sheep (2022), Harsh Hakea (2023) and Spirals (early 2024). His verse novel Cellnight appeared with Transit Lounge in 2023, and his anti-epic, Argonautica Inlandica, with Vagabond (2023). A recent critical work is Legibility: An Anti-fascist Poetics (Palgrave, 2022).

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