Transcendental mathematics & our dreamer’s Estado Novo

Yonder the rainbow gum by the mangrove choke point, which catches plastics
and suburban stormwater debris where the river mouth kisses the lake
and feeds algae and plankton and newly hatched schools of bluefish, we find a
wood-chipper attached to a mechanical clown who moves its head from side to
side and in its movements cleaves the mangrove choke. A mule pulls a golf
course over the river’s mouth and a trumpet squelches and sputters as it sucks
in the vein of the land, airships firebomb the neck and in the haze of the
aftermath a helicopter drops a factory on the green of the 9th hole. The rainbow 
gum charred and full of life regenerates and spits flyers for discount
mayonnaise. A single black cow dragging its teats over the cinder field moans for
lantana berries or pokeweed. A one-legged boy wearing a hat with a propeller
ambles over on his crutch and folds the cow into a jacket and drapes himself in
it. Maggots the size of whales wriggle over the dead cities and hollow them.


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Paul Chicharo

Paul Chicharo is a senior intelligence operative for Dulex who defected from MK Ultra in 2027. Often re-purposes old refrigerators as plots in his local community garden.

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