Quads 17–19


anchor sweet st
ay here this sp
ot this stop st
ay stonestill r
esting here thi
s place the pla
ce placid as da
rk this herenes
s without shift
or single no ju
dge shift going
or coming shift
ing numbers hal
t reference sli
ng the anchor t
o the base snag
it and stay her
e the rock dang
er known and bl
isses beat like
waves of sudden
kisses on the s
till stones day
after dawn stay
still anchor be
stopped and her
eon be a long b
eat the path be
aten be battene
d here still st
one solid balan
ced balmed stay


or fly not to s
top not a hover
over tremble wi
nged hesitation
but move moving
on over shift s
and unstable sl
ide unstop with
out stay shambl
e on out over a
way somewhere n
ot here gone ad
rift moving not
an inch but a k
ilometre vastly
quick not faste
ned to a bolt b
ut as lightning
lighter than fa
aster more smel
t than melted l
ight sliding of
f the face of a
once beloved no
longer loved mo
ve on shove ove
r other lover l
ight moves on s
pills its overn
ess wherever no
care but not ti
l ever over fly


square squantum
a bit chunked o
ff equal and cr
isp and even co
ol as angle tha
t sharp interst
itial cornerdom
of block standb
y cube the coun
t one and two m
ore exactly one
than a circle s
aying naught sq
uare sits so ev
en before its l
eft or right th
ere is no to te
ll this up is o
ther this other
not perhaps who
knows blithe on
e this squat no
taller than sho
rt than wider n
o thought all c
orners taken in
clipped to thei
r other poked t
o the brim squa
re satisfy stou
t angle right b
ox settle state

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Chris Mansell

Chris Mansell is a poet. More about her work can be found at chrismansell.com.

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