pseudonyms for women (after Danez Smith)

  1. burnt by moonlight
  2. had sustained stab wounds
  3. consequence of financial trouble
  4. in-home boxing gym
  5. promises for provocation
  6. kept to themselves til someone took them
  7. 140 characters including hyperlink
  8. possessive case
  9. light enough for carry-on
  10. ex
  11. sum of a subreddit
  12. domestic incident in waiting
  13. bloodied before the monthly blood began
  14. insulation for the crawl space
  15. (i thought to make a name for each one tallied,
    but who would read that long a poem?)
  16. disbelief of a quiet street


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Anna Ryan-Punch

Anna Ryan-Punch is a Melbourne poet and critic. Her previous publications include Westerly, Antipodes, Island, Overland, Southerly, and the new anthology Prayers of a Secular World.

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