Issue 222

Editorial – Jacinda Woodhead

Vane Lindesay
On John McLaren

Mel Campbell
Natalie Harkin
Giovanni Tiso
Alison Croggon

Ben Brooker
Production lines of flesh and bone
Meat-eating and the left

Stephanie Convery
Get your hands off my sister
Rape and feminist justice

Antony Loewenstein
After independence
South Sudan five years on

Maxine Beneba Clarke
The current inhabitants of the island
A memoir

AJ CarrutHErs, lia inCoGnita, saMuEl waGan watson, ElEna GoMEz
Four perspectives on race and racism in Australian poetry
A discussion

Dean Brandum and Andrew Nette
Police fictions
On the history of crime television

aliCE punG, EllEn van nEErvEn, stEpHaniE ConvEry Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize report
laurEn FolEy
First place: K-k-k

ElizabEtH tan
Coca-Cola birds sing sweetest in the morning

In the end, in the head

Jo lanGdon
What do you tell

JaCk latiMorE
Where waters meet

Peter MintEr and toby FitCH
2015 Judith Wright Poetry Prize report

Ella o’kEEFE
First place: alkaway

Omar Sakr
Second place: Not so wild

Jakob ziGuras
Third place: Jet lag song nets

MiCHEllE Farran
Brent stEGEMan

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