I am a girl
with nothing to hide
My head is stuffed full of you
But my phone is empty
I shudder, I nearly fall
I compose messages that
I do not send
Over and over
My hand hovers
You are here: I can smell the
scent you wear, I can taste
you on the inside of my mouth,
your fingers run down
the inside of my arm:
you are here.
You are not here.
I am proud of my strength, and
I weep for it.
I am a girl
who is hiding



Kiri Piahana-Wong

Kiri Piahana-Wong is a New Zealander of Māori (Ngāti Ranginui), Chinese and Pākehā (English) ancestry. She is a poet and editor, and publisher at Anahera Press (www.anahera.co.nz).Her first poetry collection, Night Swimming, was published in 2013.

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