We blunder through each business meal.
to watch big business make its case
A Mark so many came to feel
Mark of money. Mark of place.

The many claims for men he took.
So many women claim his mind.
The many feels: how many look.
For pants-led damages we find

In her killer-David claim
Many other store’s agreed.
That the bosses harmless name
phoned the flames of Savage deed

But most in daily press we claim.
How her power-digger work
touched unwelcome women shame
And gagged in gold our Fraser-Kirk


* based on ‘London’ from Songs of Innocence and of Experience, by William Blake; with text 100 per cent recycled from ‘The damage done’, by Fenella Souter, in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend, 4 December 2010, pp. 16–24.

Paul Giles

Paul Giles graduated from a Master of Arts majoring in English Literature, and since then has spent his time teaching English and/or bartending in Sydney, Seoul, and Auckland. He now lives in Bogota, Columbia.

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