Wander in &/Under

I wander in her             woollen                                          hat
caught like
                              object world                of legs                                 dark
               the city                                      becomes feeling
                                                                                                        heels   click
iron bent into green
                                             I know this much
                                                                                    I am trodden       by
      a gull’s filthy hotel                a self-conscious heart
                                             this spotted elephant
I want each      and       one                       especially
                                             flint                     fried in pathetic          liquid
                             a field
              I want                                  especially
                                                                                this cold booth
                             a skin wrapped in
               every                     object
                                                           sex is                    shackle
melodic current
                                 swooning over
                                                                trodden by                 conscious
                                            spurious motors
                                                                                          prerogatives in
              I wander    her               forgotten hat
              I                            dark eyes                                         your
                    desire                                     under a skirt
                                           like flakes struck          from       flint               like
                            leathery spine                                               flakes

Stuart Cooke

Stuart Cooke’s latest chapbook, Departure into Cloud, was published by Vagabond Press in 2013. His full-length collection is Edge Music (IP, 2011). He is a lecturer in creative writing and literary studies at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

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