Take away sonnet

‘Our lady of blessed acceleration, don’t fail me now’
The Blues Brothers

chasing the golden arches with chux or
clothes pegs like sultry fries there’s a reward
you may keep driving for if and only
if the t-shirts and jeans are hung out then
treat yourself a thickshake (a domestic
excuse that reminds you you’re still alive)
that you crave sex or beef is a mission
from god that even her aretha strength
can’t handle but respect so only when
‘All I’m Asking is for a Value Meal’
resurrects the tape deck and the sonnet
comes fast enough to eat may you pull in
the drive thru and john belushi’s working,
smiling guilty, warm as any hash brown

Banjo James

Banjo James is currently studying at the University of Melbourne and hopes to complete his extensive arts degree sometime this year. He writes under his given name.

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