‘Clouds fall like snow on the sky’s clear rocks’1

one way is for the temperature to fall

this happens on clear, calm summer nights.

a cloudy sky acts

these clouds do not produce rain or snow
when clouds appear

these look like scales of a fish,
like ‘alto’ clouds fall and consist mostly of water,
except during winter
when cooling may occur during a clear, calm night

accumulate as an ice cap,
some water infiltrates deep into the ground
as though describing how water moves,
even though clouds are absent in a crystal clear blue sky.

the sky was clear.
the rocks were described as polished pebbles.
the crust on the top of it seemingly fell from the sky along with fresh snow.
every day, a money rock, also known as a bell rock, will randomly appear, striking smiles.
a clear waterfall
whose blossoms fall into the entrails.

do you see a rock orbiting earth?

the sky clouded and a light rain began to fall.

1 Gig Ryan, ‘Fog (1)’, Pure and Applied, Paper Bark Press, Brooklyn, NSW, 1998

Sam Langer

Sam Langer was born in Melbourne but lives in Berlin. He edits Steamer and has published two chapbooks: Law You Can Eat (Munted Beyond Press) and Topaz (Bulky News Press).

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