Peregrine Falcon

On the harbour library green lamps swayed, and he let out a long breath.
Hoop. She would say redolent like cutting toast. We stripped her. The vowel slightly raised voice as the e followed and was pushed and gathered by a breeze lulled briefly by a fly, a fly screen, or a trampoline. At Pellegrini’s I reached up to my own reflection and traced two ear infections. Ciao said the waitress, arriving.

Luke Beesley was born in Brisbane and is a poet and musician. His is the author of Lemon Shark (soi 3), and is currently a Creative Fellow of the State Library of Victoria. He lives in Melbourne.
© Luke Beesley
Overland 204−spring 2011, p. 118

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Luke Beesley is a Melbourne-based poet. His fourth poetry collection, Jam Sticky Vision, was published by Giramondo in 2015.

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