Before Autumn

it was
tracked leggies

to the

in the
of a 747.

at the shopping
the perfume,

lingerie and coca cola
all went

beef black bean
in the bain-marie.

that summer
you stopped

in hong
the grid

was down,
the intersections
were chaos.

Liam Ferney is a poet. He lives in Brisbane. His poetry collections are Popular Mechanics and Career.
© Liam Ferney
Overland 204-spring 2011, p. 115

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Liam Ferney

Liam Ferney’s most recent collection, is Hot Take His previous collection, Content, was shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Award and the Judith Wright Calanthe Award. His other books include Boom (Grande Parade Poets), Career (Vagabond Press) and Popular Mechanics (Interactive Press). He is a media manager, holder of the all-time games record for the New Farm Traktor Collective and convener of the Saturdays readings in Brisbane.

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