Issue 204



Jeff Sparrow − Editorial

Anwyn Crawford

Alison Croggon

Rjurik Davidson


Malalai Joya − Interview
Get out of Afghanistan now!

John Martinkus − ‘Kidnapped in Iraq, attacked in Australia’
Journalism in a time of war

Eve Vincent− Life in limbo
The cruelty of mandatory detention

Jessica Whyte − ‘The long night of the Left is drawing to a close’
Communism after communism

John Kinsella − A rural diary
Pages from a poet’s notebook

Jennifer Mills – How to write about Aboriginal Australia
A handy guide

Bruce Mutard – Gwen Kelly’s ‘The birthday boy’
A re-imagining of a story from Overland 5

Kirsten Tranter – Refiguring fiction
Feminism and China Miéville

Peter Kirkpatrick – A one-man writer’s festival
On the poetry of Clive James

Andy Worthington – When America changed forever
Human rights ten years after 9/11

Richard Seymour – What was that all about?
The meaning of the war on terror

CAL Connections:Ellena Savage – ‘My flesh turned to stone’
The politics of trauma

Meanland: Emmett Stinson − Vanity Fair
Self-publishing in a digital age


Jacinda Woodhead − How to tell if you’re the red herring

Charlotte Wood − Animal People

Anthony Panegyres − Reading coffee


Elizabeth Allen − Two Years On

Liam Ferney − Before Autumn

Peter Rose – Stuff of Sleep and Dreams

John Leonard – After Rain

Jill Jones – Misinterpretations /or The Dark Grey Outline

Luke Beesley – Peregrine Falcon

Adam Formosa – The twin stacks

Judy Durrant – gladstone bag

Nathan Curnow – excluding guns and ammo

Ann Vickery – at Heatherlie Quarry

Brenda Saunders – Toyota Dreaming


Reeham Hakem from Crooked Rib Art, photographs by Lisa Fletcher

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Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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