dinner with aspro

when straight friends change teams / when something
that appears to be a nest isnt.
because the drive, because the expansion.
over & over, jelly like a pistol
, random tensions between the poles (a
verb there). the interruption shined like
the expression holy mackerel distracted. see a
spot on the dancefloor? dinosaurs once tromped
here, their vicious beaks in the air
, making a place for you in dulwich
hill. figures drag fathers, hurrying ...
how can we be more than we are
: having our fun in lanes between bars
. shattered dreams of west coast perfection.
on finishing the drink his girlfriend bought him
: ‘another fabulous project realised’.
remember me? the large unidentifiable bone i
carry; it wont fit in my vehicle
. smells are known to be misleading,
like a blue bird of mixed parentage,
you into the shallower parts of a forest
. ohuh – can we compromise (part
alien from living on other planets)?
naturally our cloudy kids suffer, forced to
do outer-terrestrial raids; intra-
universe. theres a surface we agree not
to perforate – to make a security issue
. accordingly: memory/ies. airport shops
, their demands. your soul made of
language, one that closes at a touch.
the food was more fun than youd think
, a few little tricks. there are
messages that come from heaven, a filmset
, where heroes like shelley live & death
is just part of it, or all

Michael Farrell

Originally from Bombala, NSW, Michael Farrell is a Melbourne-based poet, with a collage practice which can be seen on instagram @limechax. Googlecholia is out now from Giramondo.

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