Lost Dog and its Breadcrumbs

Thylacinus cynocephalus: ‘pouched dog with a wolf’s head’

I tracked hints an e-thylacine shrieked at the black
market – a thicket of kitsch spruiked inside browsers’
pawn. Trickling wingdings apace in blogosphere talk
inquisitive crumbs, pooch, your sandpapered answers

Shone via protocol. Dropped, your parts found my cheers
I gather up now into quilt-work of screenplay
commanding roles based on your whereabouts, hunters
web bots and spyware. Resellers’ briars ensnare why,

Exhausted, your mass leapt into ether, portray
how you scampered off Freycinet’s proxy to home
pages for cover. FTP me the secret

Domain. Majordomo, I’m on to your game-time
and know at which DNS your camouflage lords
firewalls lend poor insulation from howls, their chords

Kent MacCarter

Kent MacCarter is a writer and editor who lives in Castlemaine, with his wife and son. He is the author of three poetry collections: In the Hungry Middle of Here (Transit Lounge, 2009), Sputnik’s Cousin (Transit Lounge, 2014) and California Sweet (Five Islands Press, 2018). He is managing editor of Cordite Poetry Review and publisher of Cordite Books.

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