Issue 201



Jacinda Woodhead − Editorial


Meanland: Marty Hiatt − The crowd is our domain


Jeff Sparrow − The banality of goodism

Katherine Wilson − The rhythm of engagement

Robert Phiddian − Bruce Petty drawing money

Jane Gleeson-White − Haunted tales

Julie Stephens − The industrialised breast

Myke Bartlett − Podcasting as publishing (online only)


Mark Diesendorf versus Andrew Bartlett − A big Australia

Young Writers fiction

Kalinda Ashton and Samuel Cooney − Introduction

Rebecca Giggs − Blow in

Frank Boyce − Minerals are not nomads

Sam Twyford-Moore − Library of violence

Cassie Wood − Eddy


Fiona Wright − Terminus

Eileen Chong − Tank Man

David Musgrave − Machine Code | Homecoming

Michael Farrell − dinner with aspro

Adrian Wiggins − in the simple perfect

Philip Hammial − By the Sea

James Stuart − Aperture

Kent MacCarter − Lost Dog and its Breadcrumbs

Anthony Lawrence − Love Poem

Hans Katakarinja − On the long road

Vikki McNaughton − Flight

Geoff Page − A dream of 1943

Poetry Reviews

Stephen Lawrence – Gil Scott Heron is on parole | The Circus | The Human Project | the sonnet according to ‘m’


Locust Jones − Fixing Failed States − Book Covers from the New York Review of Books, 2009, ink on paper, 100 x 80 cm, Image courtesy of the artist and Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne

Jacinda Woodhead

Jacinda Woodhead is a former editor of Overland and current law student.

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