wide open road

There could be anything … elongation of a spear
Needling To a sphere they think, mind suffused with
honey, i reach out, hes a dead man,
closing the gateness behind him.
We crack the nut & Go on – Theres a Ballet in the trees
What a Cool Idea, the economy flows Like a creek
at our feet, with a few subtle body bags we ignore.
Then i realise im not wearing my red
Pin or singing
‘How do you think it feels at night!’
It gives you a bad back
& a youthless appearance
Sleeping with people or sheep dogs
When the loneliness you love is in the
Eyes of someone else youre wired
We came back after a decade of
Drought the briar & burdock gone trialling new forms of
Outdoor glass – the schools are laying eggs now
Our vehicle stops
We sit on our tails
Some get pads out
Draw a blue sky
Reflectors on the inside …
You touch a locust & have a vision
That were
Walking along a rope not
A-road the koalas Yaaawnnnnnn
For the money
Nurses cruise through pursued by reporters on trikes.

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Michael Farrell’s books include I Love Poetry, Cocky’s Joy and Writing Australian Unsettlement: Modes of Poetic Invention 1796–1945. He edits Flash Cove (flashcovemag@gmail.com).

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