RE: Total Inexactitude

she hulks
a honeyeater’s beak invades her ear canal – watch,

the concrete’s too yeasty
Cu Chi tunnels zipping and unzipping
her wide, brown lands, for me.
secrets churning, plenipotentiary dust
risen against a burning will.

the soil’s birthright lives a lucid death
nothing to grow. We have rules, you know
a Council for that
a man with a chainsaw wondering where to go

too much green just anywhere
can’t say as i’ve seen it lately though

whistle for the sheepdog, round-up such avarice and vice
Zone 12, depiction C, sub-set 88B. fit me for a Form or two
just to be precise in our total inexactitude.
sus · tain · a · bil · i · ty,

                                                      what was that, Luv?
                it wants filling out again
                the dog’s a bit fat to run.

Kate White

Kate White is a Sydney/London-based writer and photographer. Her poems, short fiction and articles have appeared in the Maynard, Australian Review and Sublime Rush.

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