Issue 198



Jeff Sparrow − Editorial


Mungo MacCallum − Rudd and the boat people

Meanland: Margaret Simons − Reading in an age of change

Towards 200: Raewyn Connell − Bread and waratahs

Lizzie O’Shea − Letters from death row

CAL—Art and life: Simon Sellars − Hiding in plain sight *

Brian Walters − Justice on trial

Kevin Foster − Embedding control

Michael Brull − But what about Zionism?


Miriam Sved − Best and fairest

Phillip Tang − Bits

Tim Richards − Dog’s life


Kerry Leves − The Children of Leonidas

James Ley − A healthy diversity

Vane Lindesay − Comic Commentators (web only)


Duncan Hose − settler’s mess

Michael Farrell − wide open road

Anna Ryan-Punch − Differential Threshold

Ryan Scott − Disquisition on Home

Stuart Cooke − Your Sea

Kevin Gillam − instructions mislaid

Kate White − RE: Total inexactitude

Matthew Hall − Set

Maysoon Elnigoumi − A souqi

Rebecca Giggs − The Easement

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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