Issue 193



Jeff Sparrow – Editorial

Overland Lecture

Antony Loewenstein –


Kevin Foster – ‘Eyewitness’ in a Slouch Hat
Alexis Wright – A Weapon of Poetry
Michael Winkler – Murderous Exhibitions
Andrew Ramadge – The Last Fanzine
Sandy Jeffs – Death of the Father
Frank Stilwell – Sustaining What?
Tanya Serisier and Mark Pendleton – The Disappearance of Desire
Robert Darby – The Outlook and Morals of an Ancient Greek
Suzanne Jamieson and Tom Bramble – The Tide Turning?
Susan Lever – Criticism and Fiction in Australia


Louise Swinn – The Modern Australian Short Stories Tutor
Eva Sallis – Life Sentence
Richard Lawson – A Chink Too Wide

Online Fiction Supplement

Nicola Haywood – Sometimes the Best You Can Do is Just Jump Back In [PDF version]
Jane Price – The Arrangement [PDF version]
Anna Bennetts – Beneath Our Skins
[PDF version]
Richard Millar – The Classroom [PDF version]


David Prater – Sunbathing
Sarah-Jane Norman – A vanishing cityThis is the Hikari Super Express
Aden Rolfe – We Watched the WavesCherry Blossom
Joel Scott – Half Life
Ivy Ireland – Textiles ExhibitionHigh Tea with The Muse
Ted Nielsen – i took the hand of a preachermanfranchisee, revisited
Anwyn Crawford – Interior Life
Kevin Gillam – in a hurried life


Tom O’Lincoln – Battles Over the War
Lyndall Ryan – Assimilating Australia
Andrew Markus – The Clubs of White Men
Elizabeth Campbell – Prolific Rhetoric
John Kinsella responds to Elizabeth Campbell – The ‘Lore’ of Diminishing Returns
Brian McFarlane – Groupings and Gropings in Australian Cinema

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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