Issue 188

188 cover

spring 2007
ISBN 978-0-9775171-5-2
published 20 September 2007

The possibility of a different life, the alternative reality of terrorism studies, two SF greats interviewed, new Australian speculative fiction stories.



Kalinda Ashton – Against Reality

Overland Lecture

John Harms – All Is Not What It Seems


Katherine Wilson – Guns, Guards and Gates
Francesca Rendle-Short – Illicit Desire
Jess Whyte – Contesting Reality
Fiona McGregor – 101 Tin Drums

Rjurik Davidson Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson and China Miéville
Terry Eyssens – On|Off
Michael Head – Militarisation by Stealth
David Ritter – Cartography Blanche


Ben Peek – Excerpts from Books Fifty Years from Now
Jill Sparrow and Paul Voermans – A Working Childhood
Susan Wardle – Children of the Dirt


Christos Tsiolkas – The Lives of an Art House Audience


Jonathan Hadwen – Got ’em
Margaret Bradstock – Moons of Jupiter
Peter Lach-Newinsky – Black Blood
Joyce Parkes – Budget Brrrs

Will Fraser – 2007
Chris Mansell – the general becomes
Philip Neilsen – The Conservative Forest
Tim Metcalf – Rodent Fugue
Greg McLaren – A clearing with a town
David Kerr – Return to the Convincing Ground
Andrea Semeniuk – The Garden
Lidija Šimkutė – The Desolate Courtyard
Ouyang Yu – Self Publishing


Georgie Arnott – Letters of Love and Fury
Damien Williams – Cold War Lives
Georgina Murray – Warriors Against Democracy
Scott Hamilton – Neglected Corners
Robyn Annear – Redeeming Features
Rowan Cahill – Breaking the Iron Collars


Jon Cattapan − Cover
Zanny Begg


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