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dream’s letterhead lies exhausted
in the recycling bin    someone is so
awake to the moment    the black opulence
of the room at 4am    a hello new day
screen lights up    bulletins of hydrated
news beyond the equator to the hinterlands

the call for an ambulance: pinch
and panic    breath hangs like fake
asanas as the dawn filters through

pull the zip on that pocket cathedral
a numerology of banks stands guard
a chai t-bag dangles in its water    a
pendulum of angst    that moment of
a final moment    a rolling stone so
kitsch it rhymes with home

the moment when prognosis slides
towards you along the gleaming
river of linoleum adjacent to the vending
machine and the donated monet apparitions
on the wall    your coin is rejected in the
darkness of the slot    you still crave that
salty snack

joanne burns

joanne burns is a Sydney poet. She is currently assembling a new manuscript of recent works: rummage.

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