poem | Dorothy Porter

spring 2008
ISBN 978-0-9775171-9-0
published 31 August 2008

Foggy Windows

You can’t preserve love
behind foggy windows
believe me
when your back is finally
she steps out
shakes herself down
does her lipstick
and walks away
perhaps with an insouciant
swing to the hips
that would hurt
if you insisted
on looking back
if you regretted
not shackling her
in your car forever
but you don’t want to spend
the rest of your life
blubbering in torn pieces
like Orpheus
or tasting a toxic dollop
of Lot’s Wife
on congealing cold eggs
so you don’t fight it
you don’t fight
love’s right
to wind down
your precious
foggy windows.

© Dorothy Porter
Overland 192 – spring 2008, p. 77

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