Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance Charter of Rights


The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance and its freelance members engaged Overland Magazine of 245 Chalmers Street Redfern NSW 2016



Overland Magazine (ABN: 78 007 402 673) of


Collectively “the parties”

 1. Introduction / Preamble

a) The parties acknowledge that freelance contributors are an integral part of Overland’s business. The parties are committed to promoting quality journalism and recognise that mutual respect, and fair remuneration and working conditions are integral to upholding editorial standards.

b) The parties are committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the media industry and to respect contributors from marginalised backgrounds.

c) No contributor will be engaged with pay or conditions that are worse than this agreement.

d) The parties are committed to achieving equitable pay across all Overland platforms, including online and print. It is an object of this agreement and the ongoing relationship between Overland and MEAA to narrow the gap in rates paid for print and online publications.

2. Freelancer Rates of Pay

a) The parties agree that the minimum rates of pay to contributors engaged by Overland, will be no less than the rates outlined in the Appendix.

b) Pay will increase annually on 1 July in line with the annual increase to the Journalists Published Media Award 2010 or higher as agreed between the parties.

c) These rates represent the minima only and should not preclude individual contributors and Overland from negotiating higher rates.

d) The parties agree where higher rates are currently payable, those rates should be maintained.

3. Timely Payment

a) The parties agree that Overland will make payment within 30 days of submission of invoice.

b) If payment is not made within 30 days, Overland will pay a late fee of 2% of the total sum per day.

4. Payment of Super

a) The parties agree that employer superannuation contributions of 10% superannuation (or the applicable superannuation guarantee minimum, whichever is higher) will be paid by Overland on all contributor payments.

5. Indemnity

a) Overland indemnifies the contributor against all liabilities, costs and claims arising out of the publication of the Work.

b) Overland will support contributors in research and creation of complex or legally sensitive work.

6. Copyright

a) The contributor, as the owner of the work, retains all copyright as per the Copyright Act 1968

b) In the instance that the work is published in multiple mastheads or titles by Overland, Overland will pay the contributor an additional fee of 20% per masthead of title.

7. Termination

a) If a commission is terminated by Overland prior to the date of submission, Overland will pay a fee of 50%.

8. Ethics

a) Overland respects the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics in ensuring standards of quality journalism. Overland shall not request any contributor to undertake activities that, in the reasonable belief of the contributor, could involve a breach of the Code of Ethics.

9. Dispute resolution

a) If a dispute or difference arises between the parties out of or in connection with this Charter or in relation to an individual contributor engaged by Overland, the MEAA will be recognised as the representative of the contributor and the parties will attempt to resolve the matter in good faith.

b) If the parties are not able to resolve the matter, either party may escalate the dispute to the Fair Work Commission for conciliation, and if still not resolved, arbitration.

10. Induction

a) Overland will provide a copy of this Charter of Freelance Rights to all current and new freelance contributors.

11. Renegotiation

a) This Charter of Freelance Rights will commence operation from the date of signature.

b) It shall remain in operation until it is renegotiated by the parties.

c) The parties will commit to commence renegotiation of this Charter twelve months from 30/12/22.

Signed for MEAA by Erin Madeley, Chief Executive

Signed for Overland Magazine by Dr. Jonathan Dunk and Evelyn Araluen, Co-Editors in Chief



Freelancer minimum rates of pay as at 23/01/2022

Online articles and illustrations: $150 +GST and superannuation

Print (Fiction, essays and illustrations): $500 +GST and superannuation

Poems: $150 +GST and superannuation