And that’s a wrap

Dear Overland community, Subscriberthon 2010 was a smashing success. For your subscriptions, donations, writings, and tremendous support, we thank you. Now, on to the prizes.

Dear people whose names appear on the following list, consider yourself an Overland Subscriberthon winner:

Major prize (books, T-shirts, wine & stuff): Susan McCreery

Monday 29 November

The Monday Meanjin prize: Marcel Hoog Antink

The Monday 50+ issues of Overland in sequential order prize (1967–1982): Frances Whyte

Monday non-fiction prize: Lance Wright

Monday fiction prize: Yvonne Sanders

Monday alcohol: Rachel Liebhaber

The weekend 27–28 November

This is the Griffith Review prize: Alex Lakey

There’s poetry in the West prize: Liz Shield

The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary prize: Helen Vaughan

All you need for researching Australian literature and politics prize: Philip Neilsen

Fat fiction prize: Amanda Joy

Friday 26 November

Torpedo, a collector’s item: Jackie Wykes

The complete Affirm Press short Long Story Shorts series: Kathlene McLeod

Fiction escape 1: Rowena Robertson

Fiction escape 2: Linda Wade

Crate of wine 1: Foong Ling Kong

Crate of wine 2: Diane Parrey

Crate of wine 3: Georgia Snowball

Crate of wine 4: Jodie Kinnersley

Thursday 25 November

Non-fiction bundle 1: Jade Henshaw

Non-fiction bundle 2: Lesley Hall

Non-fiction bundle 3: Moreno Giovannoni

The Vulgar Press prize: Lizzie O’Shea

Wednesday 24 November

The GDS prize: Jonathan Green

The small poetry press prize (Picaro Press): Deborah Hunn

The other writings of poets prize: Allyx Lathrope

Readings $50 voucher: Boris Kelly

The RRR prize: Arn Thoring

Tuesday 23 November

Meet our contemporaries prize: Michelle Farran

Transit lounge prize: Fay Hannah

One for the philosophers prize: Jan Hanzak

Monday 22 November

The Monday Meanjin prize: Anne Benjamin

The Monday taste of Melbourne Publishing prize: Kathleen Steele

The Monday 50+ issues of Overland in sequential order prize: Elizabeth Caplice

You all deserve a holiday.

Editorial team

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