Meanland extract – On Wholphin, and other things McSweeney

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but journals are no longer confined to the printed periodical. Shocking, yet true. Even in traditional publishing spheres, content production is being approached in pioneering ways.

The publishing house that immediately comes to mind – and I swear I’m not a McSweeney’s fanatic – is, well, McSweeney’s.

McSweeeny’s publish books, translated texts, the Voice of Witness series (a series of oral histories focusing on social justice), McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, The Believer and Wholphin.

Part of McSweeney’s raison d’être is an honest attempt to offer quality of content and production. And their innovation has payed off; how many publishing houses can claim that other endeavours have been funded by a quarterly journal for the past 11 years? (I don’t have the figures, but imagine it’s few.)

Read the post over at Meanland.

Jacinda Woodhead

Jacinda Woodhead is a former editor of Overland and current law student.

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