Meanland extract – There are some people not on Twitter (a post for the modern-day luddite)

Facebook is all the people you go to school with. Twitter is all the people you wish you went to school with.

So said some incisive, possibly adolescent, tweeter last week.

I joined Twitter last July and, as of this morning, have 1165 tweets. Is that a lot? Almost certainly, yes, but I think the addiction is wearing off. I originally joined Twitter with one clear objective: to talk politics (aka online activism, which is an oxymoron but that’s another story).

I’ve kept this objective, though wandering thoughts and other interests have started to encroach on what was once a clearly demarcated space. But I’m mostly happy in my Twitter relationship.

I assumed everyone who ever would, had already found Twitter. But I’ve encountered a number of Twitter-curious people – particularly writers – of late, afraid to take the plunge. In conjunction with all the Deveny/Devine heat Twitter’s been getting over the past week, this post seemed fitting.

Read the rest of the post over at Meanland.

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Jacinda Woodhead is a former editor of Overland and current law student.

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