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One year, automatic renewal (institution)

$100.00 / year

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This is an automatically renewing subscription, which includes a discounted 4-issue subscription to Overland (four print issues and the daily online magazine), invitations to subscriber events, and other opportunities and giveaways. Your account will be charged once a year (at the same time as you took out your original subscription).

Your subscription will begin with issue Overland 253 summer 2023.

See more of the current issue.

Overland has adopted a new payment system. Even if you’re resubscribing, you will be asked to create a password to manage your account. If you’ve written for Overland before, you may already have a password (which is easy to reset if you’ve forgotten it). Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have difficulties.

Note: Credit card details are not held by Overland, but managed securely through eWAY.

Donations: If you wish, you can add a tax-deductible donation during the checkout process.

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