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This is an automatically renewing subscription. Your account will be charged once a year (at the same time as you took out your original subscription).

This is our basic subscription package, which includes a discounted 12-month subscription to Overland (four print issues and the daily online magazine), invitations to subscriber events, and other opportunities and giveaways.

Your subscription will begin with Overland 227, which brings together some of the most prescient, sharp and critical contemporary Australian writing. Essays by Evelyn AraluenGiovanni TisoAlison CroggonTony BirchKent MacCarter, Helen MacDonald and Lizzie O’Shea, among others, cover constitutional recognition, Sydney’s rampant gambling addiction, resisting colonialism in Australian literary culture and the need to reclaim our collective, digital future.

Fiction by George Haddad and Mikaella Clements, as well as Evelyn Araluen’s Nakata Brophy Prize-winning story ‘Muyum: a transgression’, are included in the edition. And 227 publishes new poetry by Kent MacCarterLouise SwinnAllison GallagherCassandra AthertonJohn UptonAli Cobby EckermannSaaro UmarLuke BeesleySumudu Samarawickrama and Corey Wakeling.

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