Highly recommended: A poem about community

The braille of our nation’s Soul

Like someone putting their hand up

Like someone digging deep

The braille of our nation’s Soul

You feel it across all communities

And all communities feel it

Feeling our way, young and old

We’re all feeling our way,

For a feeling called home


The nature of our tears,

is to find a home in each other’s eyes,

find some reason, some way,

between the tides

The nature of our blood is to find,

every other heart that’s not our own,

and still recognise home



Image: ‘Braille’ / flickr

John Graham

John Graham is of Aboriginal and European blood, namely Kombumerri, Waka Waka, Gamilaroi and Irish, Scottish, English blood. The affirmation ‘Stories make us and Stories keep us’ helps John navigate the interesting times we all live in. Everyone is free to touch the ground and start from there.

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